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 Nick Simpson, Woodturner    Phoebe the VB

Nick is a woodturner who now lives in the highlands of Scotland. He specialises in natural, organic pieces which have been sourced from fallen trees in the north of England and Scotland.

He has a keen eye for grain and naturally occurring patterns in wood and produces items both large and small which exploit these effects to maximum advantage.

As a retired dermatologist, Nick found that woodturning became a natural outlet for his previous surgical skills. Until September 2019 he was secretary of the Northumbrian Woodturners Association and has won many club competitions.  He is now a member of the Highland Woodturners Club, where he is co-ordinator of training.

Nick's work has regularly featured on the Woodworker's Institute Forum and many pictures of his work have been displayed in Woodturning Magazine.

Nick won Amateur Woodturner of the Year 2019 at a competition run by the Guild of Master Craftsmen in the OXO Gallery, London with his piece 'Breakfast With The Alchemist'

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