11 November 2018 marked the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice which ended the Great War (World War 1).

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Nick made this emotionally powerful tribute entirely from wood.

Only the candle and the restraining band on the shell case are not wooden.

The whole is in the style of 'Trench Art' which produced many artifacts from munitions or other materials by soldiers in the immensely boring periods between pushes 'Over the Top' or when 'resting' in Belgian or French villages.

The plate and the replica 9lb shell case wetre turned from sycamore and sprayed with metalic paint . The cigarettes and the small arms shell cases were made from holly. The Poppies were turned from Northumbrtian Ash and stained.  The poppies are of the 2 petal design which has a copyright accorded to the Royal Brittish legion.

The entire piece was displayed at the Prudhoe branch of the Royal Brittish legion on Remembrance Sunday 2018.